Find Out What Your Home is Worth

What is your home worth? Thinking of buying or selling or just curious about your home value? Most computer based systems only take into account such physical factors as size, age, bedrooms, baths and location. We offer a FREE comprehensive, personal valuation, taking into account all that and a lot more including such subjective factors as neighborhood, property condition, view and the direction of the market. It’s called a Comparative Market Analysis.

Our local knowledge gives you the most accurate projection of value available. View recent comparable sales and actively listed properties complete with photos, maps and detailed property information. Your valuation will be updated periodically to help you stay on top of current values.

Now you to can be the local real estate expert in your neighborhood.

What Is My Home Worth?

Buyers or Sellers: Please fill out the form below and tell us about the property you are interested in. Click Submit. We will go to work gathering information from the public record and from our local multiple list system. Within 24 hours we will email you an estimated valuation based upon public information and current market conditions. Each month thereafter you will receive an updated valuation in your email. It’s a great way to stay on top of the local market.

  • Tell us about any recent updates, property condition, your view and any special features or factors that might help us in determining an accurate valuation for your property.