Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida shines again. The sunshine state explains itself. “My main motivation for moving here was the weather,” said Tyler Thompson. According to, More people are flocking to our backyard — permanently. “The sunshine, the beaches… it’s a good… place to raise a family,” said Kyle Beauvios, of Orlando.

And, according to one home search site, Cape Coral and Fort Myers rank number 2 out of 10 “top cities in the nation to move to in 2017”. Local realtors are not shocked by this prediction.

“Add in the fact that “Interest rates are low; taxes are low. Compare the taxes of Cape Coral to other cities like Chicago or the midwest. “It’s pretty cheap to live here,” said realtor Vincent Buenfil. Trulia says major league baseball teams, like the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins, guarantee a boost in revenue for Southwest Florida. Plus, Fort Myers and Cape Coral have the fourth highest job growth rate in the nation. Plus,

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“A lot of interesting people are coming to the area. People are moving here from all over,” said Marcia Kalisik, of Fort Myers.

There is another promising sign for homebuyers. Realtors say the foreclosure rates is low in the area. “Five years ago 40 percent or 50 percent of the market was foreclosures, and that market is almost gone,” said Buenfil.

The state of Florida took over Trulia’s “top ten cities to move to in 2017.” Five out of ten cities were in Florida, with Jacksonville topping the list.