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San Carlos Island Information

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The Fixer Upper

Visit us for information relating to the fix-up of our homes on San Carlos Island.

Ian thoroughly devastated San Carlos Island and Fort Myers Beach. Since then, there have been many rumors, sugges- tions and predictions about how reconstruction may occur.

This site is intended to provide a forum for discussion of the issues involving re-building, building new, and dealing with the re-building of San Carlos Island.

Permit Info

Doing a demo, fix- ing up or building new? A permit is usually required Visit us for details.

Building New

We can answer your questions about the new construction requirements.

We have included a section for those fixing up and those planning to build new. There’s information about building costs, the permit process and resources for your building needs.

Sign up on this site and be notified whenever there is a new development or issue affecting reconstruction on the island. It’s a great way to stay informed! Make your comments known to other viewers and view their responses. From time to time we will add blog posts about current issues.

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Visit us for contact info involving con- tractors, dealers, the County about our reconstruction.

San Carlos Island Information

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San Carlos Island

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