We Are Your Inherited Real Estate Specialists

Probably you are visiting us as the the named Personal Representative of an Estate. You are responsible for the successful resolution of the decedent’s affairs. Here you will learn more about inherited real estate and the duties and responsibilities of the Personal Representative in the State Of Florida.

Our Services

Most important, we are licensed professional Realtors, experts in the disposition of inherited real estate. We are not flippers or buyers for our own account. We are here to help you dispose of the property in a manner that best fits your needs. Click to request your FREE Property Report including a detailed evaluation of the condition and value of the inherited real estate.

  • First, if you need us, we are there to manage the real estate for you. We take care of the nitty gritty details in maintaining and preparing your property for sale.
  • Probably, you will want to know what the property is worth. We determine a value for the property based upon the facts. We take into account such subjective factors as view, condition, degree of updates and the direction of the market. Our valuation is always far more accurate than any appraisal.
  • Furthermore, we market the property world-wide. That gives give you the largest possible market exposure. The result is your best opportunity for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.
  • And most noteworthy, our Program For Success puts you in charge. You accept or reject all offers, at all times.
  • Finally, we handle the contracts and the paperwork. We take care of the  interactions necessary to show the court that you have done your duty.
  • Above all, it is important to remember that we are not attorneys. We leave that to the specialists in the law.  We are your specialists in inherited real estate.

As a result, our constant goal is the sale of your inherited real estate in a time frame that fits your needs and at a price supported by a thorough and professional market valuation.