Moving to a new home because you have to can be a drag. Truthfully, the act of moving is a big drag for any reason! But when it’s not your choice, not the optimum time, or you’re moving for reasons other than because you’ve fallen in love with a new home and are moving up, it really stinks.

But that doesn’t mean you have to approach the move like it’s a death sentence.

Change makes you flexible,” said beliefnet. And, it can also make you smarter. “If things never changed, you’d never learn anything new. And every time you learn a new skill—even if it’s just how to adapt—you are that much smarter than you were yesterday.”

Here are 8 ways to embrace the have-to move and make it a get-to move. After all, change can be good!

1. Embrace the change of pace. We all get used to the normal pattern of our lives. Moving shakes it up. Even if the move is initially unwanted, you can still turn it into a positive just by allowing a little excitement to seep in. “Change can be scary and uncomfortable only when you look at it that way,” said Allan Karl. “Change is opportunity. Change is a harbinger of possibilities.”

2. Appreciate the opportunity to get something new. Depending on how long you’ve lived in your house, you might be ready for something new (you just don’t know it yet!). If your house is in need of maintenance, or if it’s cluttered and messy, you may just love getting into something fresher—or at least something that doesn’t show years of wear and tear.

3. If you’re moving to a new area, the idea of starting fresh can be exciting. We all need a do-over sometimes, right? New neighbors, new neighborhood, new potential.

4. Moving to a smaller home? It’s a great opportunity to live leaner and declutter. “Physical clutter leads to mental clutter,” said Daring to Live Fully. “First of all, clutter bombards the mind with excessive stimuli, which forces the brain to work overtime. Secondly, physical clutter signals to the brain that there’s always something else that needs to be done, which is mentally exhausting. As you declutter your physical space you’ll discover that your mind is also decluttered.


5. If your move means you’ll be in a newer home, you may be able to enjoy upgraded features that are more energy-efficient and function better than what you have now.

6. Moving to an older home? The charm and architectural detail might just win you over.

7. That pesky fence that keeps blowing over when there’s the slightest wind, the mailman that never arrives before 7pm, and the nosy neighbor that won’t mind her own business… you can kiss them all goodbye!


8. See it as a step in the right direction. Whatever the reason for your move, it may be the first step toward a great new life. Inspiration to live better, leaner or greener can come from everywhere—even a move that was unplanned or unwanted. A little “bright side” thinking can set your future in motion.